Discussion Papers 2007

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
036 Robert Orlowski ,
Regina T. Riphahn
Seniority in Germany: New Evidence on Returns to Tenure for Male Full-time workers December Journal for Labour Market Research 41(2/3)
035 Andreas Haufler,
Christian Schulte
Merger Policy and Tax Competition November International Tax and Public Finance 18(2)
034 Fritzi Koehler-Geib The Uncertainty Channel of Contagion November
033 Wolfgang Kornprobst Horizontale und vertikale Innovationen in einem semi-endogenen Wachstumsmodell mit Kapitalakkumulation November
032 Ferdinand Mittermaier Subsidy Competition and the Role of Firm Ownership September Finanzarchiv 65(3)
031 Juergen Antony A Dual Elasticity of Substitution Production Function with an Application to Cross Country Inequality August Economics Letters 102(1)
030 Michael Graber,
Andrey Launov,
Klaus Waelde
How to get tenured August German Economic Review 9(4)
029 Stephan Russek „Taste heterogeneity, labor mobility and economic geography“ – A critical reconsideration and correction August Economics Bulletin 18(1)
028 Susanne Steger,
Helke Waelde
A Reconsideration of the Stiglitz-Weiss Model with a Discrete Number of Borrower Types August
027 Juergen Antony Depletion of Non-Renewable Resources and Endogenous Technical Change July International Journal of Sustainable Economy, 2010, 2(4)
026 Lilia Filipova Monitoring and Privacy in Automobile Insurance Markets with Moral Hazard June
025 Cord Brockmann The ratchet Effect in a two lag setting and the mitigating Influence of Yardstick Competition June
024 Boris Hirsch Joan Robinson Meets Harold Hotelling: A Dyopsonistic Explanation of the Gender Pay Gap June Scottish Journal of Political Economy 56(5)
023 Udo Schneider,
Volker Ulrich
Health Relevant Behaviour and its Impact on the Physician-Patient Relationship February International Journal of Health Care Financing and Economics 8(4)
022 Udo Schneider Double Moral Hazard and Outcome-based Remuneration of Physicians February
021 Lukas Vogel,
Werner Roeger,
Bernhard Herz
Optimal Simple Rules for Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union February
020 Bernhard Herz,
Marco Wagner
Do the World Trade Organization and the Generalized System of Preferences foster Bilateral Trade? February
019 Christian Bauer,
Bernhard Herz,
Volker Karb
Are Twin Currency and Debt Crisis Special? February Journal of Financial Stability 3(1)
018 Fritzi Koehler-Geib Uncertainty about the Fundamentals and the Occurrence of Sudden Stops of Capital Flows: Theory and Empirics February
017 Juergen Antony New Combinations on Growth February
016 Oliver Falck,
Stephan Heblich
Dynamic Clusters February European Planning Studies 16
015 Lena Koller,
Claus Schnabel
Joachim Wagner
Schwellenwerte im Arbeitsrecht: Höhere Transparenz und Effizienz durch Vereinheitlichung January Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 8(3)
014 Lutz Arnold,
Wolfgang Kornprobst
Das Romer-Modell mit qualitätsverbesserndem technischem Fortschritt January Macroeconomic Dynamics 12
013 Hanjo M. Koehler Yardstick Competition when Quality is Endogenous: The Case of Hospital Regulation January
012 Hans Fehr,
Christian Habermann,
Fabian Kindermann
Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts: Are they Efficient in Increasing Savings and Growth? January Finanz Archiv 64(2)
011 Robin Kleer The Effect of Mergers on the Incentive to Invest in Cost Reducing Innovations January Economics of Innovation and New Technology 21(3)
010 Hans Fehr,
Christian Habermann,
Fabian Kindermann
Social Security with Rational and Hyperbolic Consumers January Review of Economic Dynamics 11(4)