Discussion Papers

Our doctoral students circulate their research in the BGPE Discussion Paper series before submitting it to refereed scientific journals.

All Bavarian doctoral students are invited to submit papers that they (co-) authored to the BGPE Discussion Paper series. To do so, send your manuscript to the representative of your university in the BGPE Research Council. The representative will then check the quality of the text and pass it on to the program spokesperson.

Below, you find the BGPE Discussion Papers 2024 and their subsequent refereed publication outlets.

Please check the categories on the right for the BGPE Discussion Papers of previous years and their subsequent refereed journal publications.

Discussion Papers 2024

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
235 Fabian Alex Project risk neutrality in the context of asymmetric information May PDF
234 Fabian Alex
Green Central Banking and Game Theory: The Chicken Game approach May PDF
233 Philipp Krug
Dominika Langenmayr
Taxing Transitions: Inheritance Tax and Family Firm Succession April PDF
232 Elisa Rodepeter

Christoph Gschnaidtner

Hanna Hottenrott

Big Data and Start-up Performance February PDF
231 Hanna Adam

Mario Larch

Jordi Paniagua

Spain, Split and Talk:
Quantifying Regional Independence
January PDF
230 Henning Hermes

Philipp Lergetporer

Fabian Mierisch

Guido Schwerdt

Simon Wiederhold

Does Information about Inequality and
in Early Child Care Affect Policy Preferences?
January PDF