Research Workshops

Each year, the BGPE organizes two research workshops. They provide an opportunity for doctoral students from participating universities to present their research to peers and experienced scientists. This gives young economists an excellent opportunity to network and gather constructive feedback. Participation in research workshops is not open for external participants.

In the following you find information about upcoming workshops as well as an overview of previous workshops.

Upcoming workshop


Date: July 18-19, 2024

Venue: GHotel hotel & living, Würzburg

Application: Call for Papers

Please apply by June 2, 2024 at latest. Submissions may take the form of an abstract or presentation although full papers are preferred.

To apply, please send your paper, abstract or presentation and this application form to




Date Location Agendas
Summer 2024 Würzburg
Winter 2023/ 2024 Munich PDF
Summer 2023 Regensburg PDF
Winter 2022/ 2023 Augsburg PDF
Summer 2022 Passau PDF
Winter 2021/ 2022 Virtual PDF
Summer 2021 Virtual PDF
Winter 2020/2021 Virtual PDF
Summer 2020 canceled
Winter 2019/2020 Erlangen-Nürnberg
Summer 2019 Regensburg
Winter 2018/2019 Munich
Summer 2018 Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Winter 2017/2018 Bamberg
Summer 2017 Bayreuth
Winter 2016/2017 Würzburg
Summer 2016 Munich
Winter 2015/2016 Augsburg
Summer 2015 Passau
Winter 2014/2015 Regensburg
Summer 2014 Augsburg
Winter 2013/2014 Erlangen-Nürnberg
Summer 2013 Bamberg
Winter 2012/2013 Bayreuth
Summer 2012 Würzburg
Winter 2011/2012 Munich
Summer 2011 Augsburg
Winter 2010/2011 Passau
Summer 2010 Regensburg
Winter 2009/2010 Erlangen-Nürnberg
Summer 2009 Bamberg
Winter 2008/2009 Bayreuth
Summer 2008 Würzburg
Winter 2007/2008 Munich
Summer 2007 Augsburg
Winter 2006/2007 Passau
Summer 2006 Regensburg
Winter 2005/2006 Erlangen-Nürnberg