Discussion Papers

Our doctoral students circulate their research in the BGPE Discussion Paper series before submitting it to refereed scientific journals.

All Bavarian doctoral students are invited to submit papers that they (co-) authored to the BGPE Discussion Paper series. To do so, send your manuscript to the representative of your university in the BGPE Research Council. The representative will then check the quality of the text and pass it on to the program spokesperson.

Below, you find the BGPE Discussion Papers 2023 and their subsequent refereed publication outlets.

Please check the categories on the right for the BGPE Discussion Papers of previous years and their subsequent refereed journal publications.

Discussion Papers 2023

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
229 Jennifer Feichtmayer

Regina T. Riphahn

Intergenerational Transmission of
Welfare Benefit Receipt: Evidence
from Germany
December PDF Review of Income and Wealth (forthcoming)
228 Katrin Huber
Geske Rolvering
Public child care and mothers’ career trajectories September PDF
227 Vanessa Kunzmann Estimating Regime Dependent Fiscal Spillover Effects in a Monetary Union August PDF
226 Katharina Drescher
Benedikt Janzen
When Weather Wounds Workers: The Impact of Temperature on Workplace Accidents July PDF
225 Henning Hermes
Philipp Lergetporer
Fabian Mierisch
Frauke Peter
Simon Wiederhold
Discrimination on the Child Care Market: A Nationwide Field Experiment April PDF
224 Andreas Link Beasts of Burden, Trade, and Hierarchy: The Long Shadow of Domestication March PDF
223 Andreas Link The Fall of Constantinople and the Rise of the West March PDF
222 Christina Langer
Simon Wiederhold
The Value of Early-Career Skills February