Discussion Papers 2008

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
066 Robin Kleer Government R&D Subsidies as a Signal for Private Investors November PDF Research Policy 39(10)
065 Florian Birkenfeld What makes up a central exit examination? September PDF
064 Christian Korth,
Stefan Napel
Fairness, Price Stickiness, and History Dependence in Decentralized Trade July PDF Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 71(2)
063 Regina T. Riphahn,
Florian Schieferdecker
The Transition to Tertiary Education and Parental Background over Time July PDF Journal of Population Economics 25(2)
062 Karolina Kaiser Restricted Bailouts and the Commitment Problem in Federations June PDF
061 Robin Kleer Acquisitions in a Patent Contest Model with Large and Small Firms June PDF Journal of Industry, Competition, and Trade 9(4)
060 Matthias Dischinger,
Nadine Riedel
Corporate Taxes, Profit Shifting and the Location of Intangibles within Multinational Firms June PDF Journal of Public Economics 95(7-8)
059 Maksym Ivanyna Tax competition and governmental efficiency: Theory and evidence June PDF
058 Markus Reisinger,
Ludwig Ressner
Dynamic Duopoly with Inattentive Firms June PDF
057 Marcus Drometer,
Johannes Rincke
The design of political institutions: Electoral competition and the choice of ballot access restrictions in the United States June PDF
056 Christian Bauer Trade, Productivity, and semi-endogenous Growth June PDF
055 Christian Bauer
Jörg Lingens
The Strategic Effects of Smoking Bans June PDF
054 Barbara Hanel Financial Incentives to Postpone Retirement and Further Effects on Employment – Evidence from a Natural Experiment May PDF Labor Economics 17(3)
053 Alexander Steinmetz Competition, Innovation and the Effect of Knowledge Accumulation May PDF
052 Andreas Haufler,
Ferdinand Mittermaier
Unionisation triggers tax incentives to attract foreign direct investment May PDF Economic Journal 121
051 Stephan Russek When skilled and unskilled labor are mobile: a new economic geography approach May PDF Papers in Regional Science
050 Andreas Graichen Fairtrade Labelling in a Bertrand Competition Model with Monopsony Power April PDF
049 Barno Bläs Abwärtsnominal- und Tariflohnstarrheit in Deutschland March PDF
048 Barno Bläs Ausmaß und reale Konsequenzen nach unten starrer Nominallöhne March PDF
047 Florian Birkenfeld Schulleistungen von Mädchen und Jungen. Gleichberechtigung als Bildungsmotor? March PDF
046 Torben Klarl On the stability of equilibria in replicator dynamics modelling: an application in industrial dynamics considering resource constraints March PDF
045 Clemens Heuson Emission standards vs. taxes: The case of asymmetric Cournot duopoly and uncertain control costs March PDF
044 Clemens Heuson Weitzman revisited: Emission standards vs. taxes with uncertain control costs and market power of polluting firms March PDF Environmental and Resource Economics 47(3)
043 Mathias Nell Strategic Aspects of Voluntary Disclosure Programs for Corruption Offences February PDF
042 Mathias Nell Contracts Induced by Means of Bribery: Should they be Void or Valid? February PDF European Journal of Law and Economics 27(2)
041 Lutz Arnold,
Christian Bauer
Some Second Thoughts on Monopolistic Distortions and Endogenous Growth February PDF Journal of Economics 97(1)
040 Nicolas Klein,
Sven Rady
Negatively Correlated Bandits February PDF Review of Economic Studies 78(2)
039 Jan Schumacher The tragedy (or virtue?) of in-kind redistribution: How the poor pays for the rich’s status concerns January PDF
038 Steffen Mueller Capital stock approximation using firm level panel data January PDF Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 228(4)
037 Marcus Drometer,
Johannes Rincke
The impact of ballot access restrictions on electoral competition: Evidence from a natural experiment January PDF Public Choice 138(3)