Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers 2018

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
183 Oliver Krebs
Shocking Germany — A spatial analysis of German regional labor markets November
182 Oliver Krebs
RIOTs in Germany — Constructing an interregional input-output table for Germany November
181 Regina T. Riphahn
Salwan Saif
Naturalization and labor market performance of immigrants in Germany August LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations (forthcoming)
180 Alexander M. Danzer
Carsten Feuerbaum
Marc Piopiunik
Ludger Woessmann
Growing up in Ethnic Enclaves: Language Proficiency and Educational Attainment of Immigrant Children June Journal of Population Economics
179 Julian B. Adam
Voluntary Quits: Do Works Councils Matter? An Analysis of the Reform of the German Works Constitution Act 2001 May Journal of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming)
178 Daniel Fehrle
Housing and the Business Cycle Revisited May Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (forthcoming)

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