Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers 2016

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
168 Oliver Krebs
Michael Pflüger
How Deep is Your Love? A Quantitative Spatial Analysis of the Transatlantic Trade Partnership December Review of International Economics
167 Rita Motzigkeit Gonzalez Welfare effects of changed prices
The "Tortilla Crisis" revisited
166 Dominique Lemmermann
Regina T. Riphahn
The causal effect of age at migration on youth educational attainment June Economics of Education Review
165 Bernhard Enzi
Benedikt Siegler
The Impact of the Bologna Reform on Student Outcomes – Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Regional Supply of Bachelor Programs in Germany September
164 Regina T. Riphahn
Frederik Wiynck
Fertility Effects of Child Benefits August Journal of Population Economics
163 Christoph S. Weber Central Bank Transparency and Inflation (Volatility) – New Evidence March International Economics and Economic Policy
162 Lutz G. Arnold
Benedikt Booker
Gregor Dorfleitner
Michaela Röhe
Refinancing MFIs with Market Power: Theory and Evidence January

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