Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers 2013

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
143 Philipp Matros
Johannes Vilsmeier
The Multivariate Option iPoD Framework - Assessing Systemic Financial Risk October
142 Kamila Cygan-Rehm
Parental leave benefit and differential fertility responses: Evidence from a German reform October Journal of Population Economics 29(1)
141 David Kiss
The impact of peer achievement and peer heterogeneity on own achievement growth: Evidence from school transitions September Economics of Education Review 37
140 Daniel Kuehnle
Christoph Wunder
The effects of smoking bans on self-assessed health: evidence from Germany August Health Economics (forthcoming)
139 Hartmut Egger
Michael Koch
Trade and the Firm-Internal Allocation of Workers to Tasks July
138 Michael Zibrowius Ethnic background and youth unemployment in Germany May
137 Michael Oberfichtner Works council introductions: Do they reflect workers voice? May Economic and Industrial Democracy (forthcoming)

Regina T. Riphahn
Michael Zibrowius

Apprenticeship Training and Early Labor Market Outcomes in East and West Germany May Education Economics 24(1)
135 Benedikt Siegler What triggers school improvement? Evidence from a court induced change in Floridas A+ accountability plan April

Lutz G. Arnold
Andreas Babl

Alas, My Home is My Castle: The Excessive Screening Cost of Buying a House March Journal of Urban Economics (forthcoming)
133 Daniel Kühnle The causal effect of family income on child health: A re-examination using an instrumental variables approach February Journal of Health Economics 36
132 Katja Greer Limiting rival's efficiency via conditional discounts February
131 Sebastian Wismer Intermediated vs. Direct Sales and a No-Discrimination Rule January

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