Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers 2011

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
114 Regina T. Riphahn
Daniel D. Schnitzlein
Wage Mobility in East and West Germany December Labour Economics 39
113 Philipp Ehrl
Agglomeration economies with consistent productivity estimates December Regional Science and Urban Economics 43(5)
112 Dominika Langenmayr
Limiting Profit Shifting in a Model with Heterogeneous Firm Productivity November The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 15(4)
111 Achim Schmillen
The Exporter Wage Premium Reconsidered - Destinations, Distances and Linked Employer-Employee Data November Review of Development Economics 20(2)
110 Lutz Arnold
Johannes Hartl
Corporate Insurance with Safety Loadings: A Note November Journal of Risk and Insurance 80(4)
109 Kamila Cygan-Rehm
Between here and there: Immigrant fertility patterns in Germany October Schmollers Jahrbuch - Journal of Applied Science Studies 134(3), 305–34
108 Martina Engemann
Katharina Eck
Monika Schnitzer
Trade Credits and Bank Credits in International Trade: Substitutes or Complements? October The World Economy 37(11)
107 Johannes Vilsmeier
Updating the Option Implied Probability of Default Methodology October Journal of Computational Finance (forthcoming)
106 Martina Eschelbach
Labor supply after normal retirement age in Germany - A fourth pillar of retirement income? October
105 Malte Mosel
Big Patents, Small Secrets: How Firms Protect Inventions When R&D Outcome is Heterogeneous September
104 Christian J. Bauer
Dominika Langenmayr
Sorting into Outsourcing: Are Profits Taxed at a Gorilla's Arm's Length? September Journal of International Economics (forthcoming)
103 Sebastian Missio
Interdependence of Liquidity Problems in the Financial Sector July
102 Achim Schmillen
Are Wages Equal Across Sectors of Production? A Panel Data Analysis for Tradable and Non-Tradable Goods June Economics of Transition 21(4)
101 Lutz Arnold
Stefanie Trepl
Taking Public Opinion Seriously: A General Equilibrium Model of Low-Wage Competition, Offshoring, and Unemployment June
100 Matthias Hunold
Johannes Muthers
Resale Price Maintenance: Hurting Competitors, Consumers and Yourself May
099 David Kiss
Are Immigrants and Girls Graded Worse? Results of a Matching Approach May Education Economics 1-17
098 Michael Pflüger
Stephan Russek
Business Conditions and Default Risks Across Countries April Open Economics Review 24(5)
097 Hartmut Egger
Michael Koch
Labor Unions and the Scale and Scope of Multi-Product Firms March Canadian Journal of Economics 45(4)
096 Robert Orlowski
Regina Riphahn
Lohnentwicklung im Lebenszyklus - Eine Analyse von Ausmaß, Begründung und Heterogenität von Lohnsteigerungen January Journal for Labour Market Research 41(2-3)
095 Bohdan Kukharskyy
Michael Pflüger
Relational Contracts and the Economic Well-Being of Nations January
094 Michael Pflüger
Stephan Russek
Trade and Industrial Policies with Heterogeneous Firms: The Role of Country Asymmetries January Review of International Economics (forthcoming)

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