Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers 2009

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in

Martina Eschelbach

Crown Princes and Benjamins: Birth Order and Educational Attainment in East and West Germany December Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 235(1)
084 Malte Mosel Competition, imitation, and R&D productivity in a growth model with sector-specific patent protection December Review of Law & Economics 7(2)

Boris Hirsch,
Marion König,
Joachim Möller

Is There a Gap in the Gap? Regional Differences in the Gender Pay Gap October Scottish Journal of Political Economy 60(4)
082 Stefan Napel,
Gunnar Oldehaver
A Dynamic Perspective on Minimum Quality Standards under Cournot Competition September Journal of Regulatory Economics 39 (1)
081 Steffen Müller Are the firm owners really worse off with a works council? August British Journal of Industrial Relations 49(2)

Hyun-Ju Koh,
Nadine Riedel

Assessing the Localization Pattern of German Manufacturing & Service Industries - A Distance Based Approach August Regional Studies 48(5)
079 Hyun-Ju Koh,
Ferdinand Mittermaier
The winner gives it all: Unions, tax competition and offshoring August
078 Johannes Reeder,
Stefanie Trepl
Dependent Revenues, Capital Risk and Credit Rationing August Economica (forthcoming, revised version)
077 Maksym Ivanyna,
Anwar Shah
Citizen-centric governance indicators: Measuring and monitoring governance by listening to the people and not the interest groups July
076 Barbara Hanel,
Regina T. Riphahn
New Evidence on Financial Incentives and the Timing of Retirement July Labour Economics 19(5)
075 Boris Hirsch,
Thorsten Schank,
Claus Schnabel
Works Councils and Separations: Voice, Monopoly, and Insurance Effects June Industrial Relations 49(4)
074 Steffen Müller The Productivity Effect of Non-Union Representation June Industrial & Labor Relations Review 122(562)
073 Robert Orlowski,
Regina T. Riphahn
The East German Wage Structure after Transition May Economics of Transition 17(4)
072 Stephan Russek Differential labor mobility, agglomeration, and skill-biased migration policies May
071 Torben Klarl Modelling the folk theorem of spatial economics: a heterogeneous regional growth model May
070 Rainald Borck,
Hyun-Ju Koh,
Michael Pflüger
Inefficient lock-in and subsidy competition March International Economic Review 53(4)
069 Jens Jurgan
Cost Variations in a Differentiated Good Oligopoly February
068 Christian Korth,
Stefan Napel
Fairness, Price Stickiness, and History Dependence in Decentralized Trade February Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 71(2)
067 Lutz Arnold,
Johannes Reeder,
Susanne Steger
Microfinance and markets: New results for the Besley-Coate group lending model January Journal of Emerging Market Finance 12(2013)

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